Inner Freedom System

What Is Inner Freedom System?

Inner Freedom System is your own unique system you've created throughout your life-time of experiences that brings you closer to spiritual alignment and continual happiness.

Throughout our lives we are conditioned and shaped by any number of people and experiences, and as we reach adulthood we begin to search for teachings that will help us become better. Better at our jobs, better at relationships, better at being us. is a collection of what I've found on my journey. Enjoy...

Latest Blog Posts

Dont Force It Just Be
Abraham Hicks tells us don't force it, just be. When you are overthinking things and trying to find meaning in negative situations, Abraham tells just to just be. Not to force things and take action when we really should be focusing on our vibration.
Why We Have Addictions and Bad Habits
Abraham Hicks explains what addictions are, such as smoking, and why we do them. We feel bad when we give in to our addictions and bad habits instead of doing what we know we should do instead. You might be surprised at what your inner being thinks about your addictions and bad habits!
How to Help you Receive Easier
Abraham Hicks explains, with a simple story, how easy it can be to receive blocks of thought that will help you manifest easier. Maybe you've heard of the bird story?
The Science of Getting Rich Chapter One
~ Wallace D Wattles ~ Chapter One - The Right to be Rich WHATEVER may be said in praise of[...]
What Is It About You That Keeps Me From Alignment
Abraham Hicks answers why some people rub us up the wrong way and knock us out of alignment, and how to see them differently and get back into our alignment.
Which Meditation Technique is Best
Abraham Hicks explains when it's best to use a guided meditation and when sitting quietly to silence your thoughts is best, and why.