Inner Freedom System

What Is Inner Freedom System?

Inner Freedom System is your own unique system you've created throughout your life-time of experiences that brings you closer to spiritual alignment and continual happiness.

Throughout our lives we are conditioned and shaped by any number of people and experiences, and as we reach adulthood we begin to search for teachings that will help us become better. Better at our jobs, better at relationships, better at being us. is a collection of what I've found on my journey. Enjoy...

Latest Blog Posts

Is Your Vibration Matching Your Desires?
If you've not received your desires, then chances are your vibration is NOT matching those desires. Learn an easy way to raise your vibration to match any desire, big or small, you may have.
How to Achieve Passive Income
Passive income seems to good to be true right? Whether your belief is it's not possible or you think it would take too much to set up, then think again. Abraham explains how receiving passive income is easier than you think.
List of Positive Emotions
Often when you want to raise your vibration in order to allow your manifestations in, it's easier to focus on a positive emotion. Here you'll find a list of positive emotions and instructions on how to use them to raise your vibration.
You Can Still Achieve Your Ambitious Goals
Abraham Hicks explains how you can still achieve an ambitious goal you may still have floating around in your Vortex that may have some dust on it! Often we dismiss the goal because it's not materialized yet, however deep down we still want it. Bad news is, it's never going to go away. Good news is you CAN still achieve it.
Why Am I Resisting?
When something we want appears, why do we throw up resistance? Is it due to fear? Unworthiness? Self-doubt? That maybe what we tell ourselves but Abraham Hicks explains why we do it, and how to never resist anything again!
The Power of Allowing
Abraham Hicks - The Power of Allowing, is something a lot of us struggle with. We can easily ask for what we want (usually through experiencing contrast) but then for some reason can't allow it into our physical existance. Want to know how to fix this?