Inner Freedom System

What Is Inner Freedom System?

Inner Freedom System is your own unique system you've created throughout your life-time of experiences that brings you closer to spiritual alignment and continual happiness.

Throughout our lives we are conditioned and shaped by any number of people and experiences, and as we reach adulthood we begin to search for teachings that will help us become better. Better at our jobs, better at relationships, better at being us. is a collection of what I've found on my journey. Enjoy...

Latest Blog Posts

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Abraham Hicks explains how to work with two contradictory vibrations. When you desire something but have negative feelings towards it. Discover how to overcome the negative feelings and only have positive vibrations to let your desires manifest.
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How Best to Fill Out Your Grid
Abraham Hicks explains how best to fill out your grid using emotions, even if you struggle to feel positive emotions right now. Can use this for creating affirmations.
What is Oneness?
Abraham Hicks answers the question of what oneness is. How can we be selfish as we follow our desires and yet be part of the oneness?