Inner Freedom System

What Is Inner Freedom System?

Inner Freedom System is your own unique system you've created throughout your life-time of experiences that brings you closer to spiritual alignment and continual happiness.

Throughout our lives we are conditioned and shaped by any number of people and experiences, and as we reach adulthood we begin to search for teachings that will help us become better. Better at our jobs, better at relationships, better at being us. is a collection of what I've found on my journey. Enjoy...

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If It’s Done, How Do I Get It
This is the age-old frustration with manifesting - if it's done then how do I get it? Abraham Hicks explains what's done and the role we play in achieving our manifestations - easily and effortlessly!
Aad Guray Nameh
Aad Guray Nameh meditation and chant with the full mantra and beautiful YouTube recording.
How to Change Your Beliefs
Abraham Hicks explains how to change your beliefs. Often all it takes is a change in one of your beliefs to be that difference between staying stuck where you are and moving towards everything in your Vortex.
Patterns That Dont Allow The Fullness of Who You Are
Abraham Hicks explains how we attain patterns that don't allow the fullness of who we are. We pick up habits that don't serve us and we listen to people who have their own self-interest at heart. How do you get rid of these patterns that have become so familiar?