Power of Allowing

The Power of Allowing by Abraham Hicks

Do you like taking thought beyond that which it has been before?

Is that what brings you?

You want to be part of leading edge conversation?

Expansion of the Universe.

You come to come into alignment with who you are.

That's the way we see it. That's the greatest advantage of something like this because you've already sifted through the contrast of your life experience so you've already identified an expanded version of you. Sometimes you don't know it because you don't realise you are a vibrational being.

You are so accustomed to seeing yourself in your physicality that you forget about your vibrational nature and so most humans move around in their physical world which is in fact a translation of vibration but you are so good at this translation, you are so good at your physical perceiving, that sometimes your physical awarenesses over ride your ability to deliberately create vibrationally and what we mean by that is you are such good observers, perceivers, awarenessers of your reality that you observe something and because you do, you offer a vibration about it and because you offer a vibration about it, you offer a transmission that law of attraction is responding to and then what you observed which radiates out from you vibrationally comes back to you vibrationally and you translate it into life experience and then it feels to you like life is happening to you.

It doesn't feel to you sometimes that you are calling it to you with your offering, with your vibrational offering and that's only because you're not offering on purpose, not all the time, not most of the time, hardly ever. Well you mean to, and it's a lovely thing isn't it when there is something that you can give your attention to, that is just wonderful to see, when you see it, especially after you focus on it for a while, you just feel better and better and better, it's like it breathes life into you and as you give your attention to this life giving thing then it sometimes feels to you that there should be more life giving things around.

Give me the life giving things and take away the things that bother me and then I will live happily ever after and we say it's a conditional love you are wanting isn't it?

Change the conditions to the things that I prefer and then I will observe them and then I will be really happy and then Abraham, then I will be on that roll well I'll observe something good and something good will radiate from me and then the Universe will give me something else good and off I'll go and we say yes let's do that. We've enjoyed this interaction immensely. That's all we've got.

You are more than we see in these bodies. You are source energy extended out here but even when you are here looking into your physical format, more than the you that you think is looking, is looking. There is a source energy part of you always looking with you, through you, with you.

So in every moment in time that you are having a conversation, this larger source energy part of you is there in the conversation and you can tell by the way you feel how intertwined you are vibrationally. How resonant you are with the whole of you, or you can feel, through your emotions, how much of who you really are you're pinching of because of your current opinion.

Now your opinions are really valid, they are, they are important and we are not for a moment suggesting you should come and be a puppet on a string, where source just flows through you and does all your thinking for you but we would like to explain to you how you intended it when you made the decision to come and as you decide to deliberately apply your awareness that you are a vibrational being, that you are an extension of source energy, that source energy is flowing to you and through you at all times, that you have guidance within you that lets you know how much of that you are allowing in any moment or how much of that you are resisting