Getting Over Regret


We've all had to live with regret at some stage of our lives, and that regret may have lasted way longer than you'd have liked.

How would you like to be able to view that regret differently?

I'm guessing your answer is - hell yeah!

What would it feel like if you let go of that regret?

Pretty good, right?

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Regret is a feeling that you should have done something differently and there's no point in that at all.

For some people it may be because you've followed the crowd and/or given in to peer pressure.

You're far from alone in doing so.

When you're tuned in, tapped in, turned on, you close the gap between feeling regret and being in your Vortex. You KNOW that you want to go a specific way even when many others are trying to guide you otherwise.

Knowing this is a sign of being in alignment with that source energy.

Regret is more about pleasing other people before pleasing yourself and this isn't a good thing.

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Frustration isn't about the things you haven't done, it's that life has caused you to become more.

As you live life, ideas keep emanating from you and the source energy part of you embraces them and becomes them. That feeling you're feeling is that you haven't quite figured out what thoughts to think to get you to be a close enough match to who you've become so that it will happen in your physical experience, but you're on to it.

Live your life magnificently and let the contrast parlay you into these places and let the contrast of your life shoot parts of you into this broader perspective. 

There's not a great big gap between you and you. Things are constantly evolving and expanding and becoming.

The more you become this vibrational escrow, and the more it becomes, the more intolerant it feels to you not to get up to speed with it.

The older you get, there is more potential for the gap between you and you to grow. Growing up you evolve, you become your present self. If you haven't been expanding as your vibrational escrow has been expanding that's when you'll feel discomfort.

The bigger the gap, the bigger the discomfort.

It may feel that your old thoughts, beliefs and wants no longer fulfil you. This is good news because it means you are still sending up rockets of desire, filling your Vortex and wanting to expand from where you are.

You are feeling the difference between who you really are and who you're being and you're wanting to do something about it.

It's time to release resistance and when you do, this automatically means closing the gap. The allowing of you to become you, and of course you don't want to close it completely, because it never really closes completely until you croak. There will always be contrast as you continuously want to expand.

When you meditate you come into vibrational proximity of what's in your vibrational escrow. You quiet your mind with meditation and you stop thought. When you stop thought you release resistance and your vibration raises then you come into alignment with who you are.

When you are appreciating you're close to vibrational alignment with who you are, when you are feeling good, that means the gap is closing.

When you are feeling bad or less than good. it means it's widening to some degree.

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AFFIRMATION - "I am living life and I am living it well. I am making the decisions as best I can from where I stand. My criteria for decisions has been changing and I've done the best that I could do every time."

You have never been whimsical or careless in the making of decisions. You have always tried your best to make the best decision from the balance of information that you have.

Consider other things as important reasons for the choices you make in thought. More important than being right.

Make an effort to choose thoughts where you feel relief.

When you regret your past the knot of discomfort gets bigger.

When you anticipate the future positively the knot of discomfort gets softer.

You have control of the knot just by reaching for thoughts and practicing the thoughts that make the knot more acute, more painful or the knot more soft and subtle.

'I Believe' Statements from Abraham

I believe that I have the ability to speak the words and think the thoughts that bring me into alignment with who I am.

I believe I am a good person.

I believe that I was born of Source Energy.

I believe that I am living my life well.

I believe that my life is unfolding as I intended for it to unfold.

I believe that I have set many things into motion.

I believe that I have the ability to understand the things that I've set into motion.

I believe that there is more for me to do.

I believe that there is a big thing in vibrational escrow, maybe many big things, and I have this feeling within me that I can't quite find them, but I'm wanting to know that I can.

I'm wanting to trust that if this time-space reality has the power to inspire that desire from me, that this time-space reality has the ability to deliver it to me, and my frustration has been because I thought I couldn't find it, but now I'm understanding I can find it.

I'm going to feel my way to it.

I understand now that the dissolving of the knot means I'm moving toward it.

The intensifying of the knot means I'm not.

I can feel that this guidance is literally letting me know what I'm looking for.

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For those of you who have had a very bad childhood, a divorce and all kinds of 'bad' things. You said we've been kicked out of home and being kicked out of school but you see you got kicked out of all of those places because you were not a vibrational match to any of the places.

You live in a society that insists you conform and you are unwilling to conform.

What you're really looking for is the alignment between you and you.

It's about your independence.

It's about your freedom seeking.

It's about your autonomy.

It's about your knowing who you are.

It's about you not being willing to be infused into the society and made into a puppet that would do the things that others would do.

Understand this and the knot will go away.


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