How to Achieve Passive Income


Abraham Hicks A Practised Thought

A practised though is a practised vibration that equals a point of attraction.

The more you think something - whether positive OR negative - the more it becomes your point of attraction and eventually your reality.

That's great when we're focusing on positive thoughts and have beliefs that back up our thoughts - but what if we don't?

Why do so many people assume they need to work hard in order to achieve their goals when there are those of us who work very little and seem to receive the most.

Why do we not believe it's possible for ourselves?

If it's possible for others, does that not mean as it's possible, it should be easier for us to believe we can achieve similar, and a path to achieving it will appear.

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The vibration is where you want to put the emphases.

The flawed premise is that value only comes from action. What about the enormous value of hooking up with the energy that creates worlds?

What is economy anyway?

Who gets to decide that what you do for a living is only worth $8 an hour, and while what that one does for a living is worth $50 an hour, and while that one does for a living is worth ten thousand or ten million dollars an hour.

Who gets to define that value? Just a few hundred years ago you were trading beads and shells and a little bit of minerals.

The only true value that you can ever reap the reward from, or experience the benefit of, is the value of alignment with this energy that creates worlds.

What kind of monetary value do you put on that?

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Do you ever hear anyone say - well I've been so well for so many years and there are so many people out there who are sick and I've been using up all the wellness value for so long that I've decided that I'm going to be sick for a while to allow more sick people to be well because I've been getting more than my fair share of wellness.

You never say that because that value, you don't see it as a pile of something that can be divvied up. You accept that as a vibrational relationship in some way you haven't really defined it.

There's not a big pile of resources that you're giving up. Somebody didn't set the monetary fiscal standard for the Universe and there it all is, out there, and now you have to steal it or trade it.

Thought and vibration - thought is vibration and law of attraction brings more thought to it, so when I think this thought and I hold the frequency of it for as little as 17 seconds another thought like it is going to join it. Whether it's something wanted or unwanted it will get bigger by focusing on it.

So you don't have to do anything.

You can just sit there and focus on it in the chair. Sit and focus in the vortex.

Focus is harnessing the energy that creates worlds.

Focus can mean physically doing something with your hands.

It doesn't just mean do nothing.

The power of your mind is the only power that matters, and all the other stuff you do is just for the pleasure of enhancing what you've really done with your mind, and all the real power is the focus.

Most people would like enough passive income. Passive income is alignment with my vortex with such consistency that the abundance that I seek is bucking no resistance current at all, so it's flowing effortlessly into my experience.

Effort is only ever applied outside the vortex. Effort is always trying to push against something. Effort is only required when there is resistance.

When there is no resistance, no effort is required.

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So, passive income, meaning I want income that flows without constant renewed effort.

Get in the vortex where you get to reap the benefit of the dreams that you've dreamed and in your absence of resistance it will flow to you. Instead of calling that passive income, let's call it passive energy which will bring passive income flowing through me.

How do I line up with the flow?

You don't have to justify why you need it.

You line up with the flow through living life.

You said you want some for this, and when you ask it is given. All cooperative components have already been assembled so when you find a way of no longer being uncooperative, this money flows to you in a passive, non effort, easy ease. 

Never compare your experiences.

Someone can write a song that will float to them in a matter of a minute or so, in fact the really good ones do come like that and they can produce it and make so much money. Where a person applying themselves, that their endeavor only got a fraction of an hour's worth of work done. The comparison between the application of life in those two instances is unfathomable.

It's not about the action that you offer, it's about the alignment with the dream.

You just can't orchestrate it through action. It is a vibrational attraction or allowance that it is all about. People want this income so that they can be free to express their creativity and fulfill their deepest desire.

What you want is alignment, and alignment brings money.

What you want is to be in love. What you want is to take a walk and feel your heart soaring. What you want is for music to move through your body. What you want is to be alive and brilliant and have good timing. What you want is to be clever. What you want is to love. These are the things that you want. What you want is alignmen,t all the other stuff is irrelevant.

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When you go for alignment first, then all the other trappings have to fill in around into this law.

You've already created it with all that you've been living and it's waiting for you offering a signal and all you have to do is hone in on that signal, and you can tell when you're honing in because you're feeling better, and you can tell when you're getting closer because you're feeling lighter, and you can tell when you've really honed in because you believe you can tell when you're consistently honed in because you just know life is good, and you just know you're stable, and you just expect it to be good.

You're moving through life doing the action which is delicious, doing the action that supports your knowledge of well-being. You'll get tuned in and you won't cease to act.

When you're tuned into the energy that creates worlds the inspiration to call this person and go there, the inspiration will flow through you. You'll be the busiest, most active person that you've ever known in your life, but the inspiration comes first and inspires the action. The action doesn't create.


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