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How to Choose Between TWO Great Opportunities

When you are happy with what you've got, and another opportunity comes along that will take you away from that, how do you choose which opportunity is best for you?

Do you stay or do you follow that opportunity?

All opportunities are manifested and must be a sign from the Universe to be followed, right?


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It all depends on your vibration that attracted the opportunity.

Were you following your path of least resistance and your alignment? You really can tell the difference when it's happening, after the fact, it's harder to distinguish.

A question to ask yourself is - did this opportunity come out of my continual statement of appreciation of how happy I am where I am, or did this opportunity arise because I was looking for some improvement and complaining about some of the things weren't as how I wanted them to be.

If it's the latter, then the opportunity infront of you will not bring you the bliss you desire.

I am satisfied where I am and eager for more

What you can do is stay in this place of appreciation while you continue to let the contrast help you to refine your intentions.

There are a whole lot of you who are satisfied with where you are, but you would like more money and so it's alright for you to want more money, just don't get into a place of dis-satisfaction.

If you make money be the thing, and you are vibrationally raling against what isn't, then you lose your momentum on all the things that are working, and the slight improvement of the more money is missed at least for now.

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