How to Get Rich from Nothing


Whenever we find ourselves broke, it seems like we're on a downward spiral with no way of turning it around.

Reminders are all around that we lack money, from unpaid bills, things we want but can't afford, and those around us with seemingly endless cash.

So, what are we doing wrong?

How do you get rich from nothing?

You'll be glad to know there is an easy answer, and you can start now!

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Play the video on the left 'Abraham Hicks - From Broke to Receiving Abundance - to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 13 minutes

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From Abraham...

First of all, can you sense the difference between a feeling of abundance... that's what Esther provided for herself that day. Because she was focusing upon specific things like the beautiful pool and house which made her feel abundant, but it went beyond the word abundant. It went to a feeling of being blessed and cared for which then translated into a feeling of worthiness.

It's that sense of well-being that is just the perfect vibration that causes the feeling, but it's the vibration that equals the point of Attraction. Where it's like you've taken all your guard down and now the well-being of all manner that's raining down on you can be received by you.

Can be recognized by you.

Can be witnessed by you.

Step by step by step by step.

NOT saved up in some vibrational reality and then you let a little in, a little in. It's just a constant stream and well-being of clarity. It's fun and ideas and well-being and money and friends and flow.

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You can feel where the resistance is on your trail. You can feel where the, blockage is too strong a word, but you can feel what's tripping you up, and what's tripping you up is the difference between the thought and the feeling.

We've been talking for a long time about how your emotions follows the thoughts. So you think a thought and then you have an emotional response to that thought, but somewhere along the way there was a thought where you had more choices.

We're going to give a hypothetical that isn't accurate. It isn't accurate to you, but for the sake of understanding this.

Let's say that you, for whatever reason, stopped working and so the money that's been coming in isn't coming in, and hasn't for a while, and so you've depleted your savings, and you've maxed out all your credit cards, and so now you're at the end of any leeway or latitude or any sense of freedom.

Now things have become quite critical because now bills are coming, and people are calling and the pressure is really on. You're feeling it in a strong way, and your feeling of freedom is all but gone.

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Your feeling of tension and worry is what you're feeling most of the time.

This is a momentum that's been going on for a while in this example, and so now we say - well just think a happy thought, and you think give me a break. There's no possible way that I can think a happy thought under these conditions. The momentum is such that the universe is not dishing up to me anything other than worrisome thoughts, so if I'm going to think about this, and I probably am, then they're going to be worrisome thoughts to which I'm going to have an emotional response.

That's why we call them worrisome thoughts. It's thoughts of worry, maybe even panic, maybe I'm not even sleeping at night, so thought and emotion all running really close together.

Then you come to someone who's wanting to teach you about getting hold of your vibration and getting hold of the way you're thinking, and getting hold of the way you're feeling, and we say oh just get into the receptive mode, and you think okay I'd like to be in the receptive mode but meanwhile this is what I'm feeling about this, and everywhere I go more conditions show themselves to me every day.

All day things come up that enhance this receptive mode down here.

How do I break this cycle?

How do I get into something that feels better?

We say first of all you've got to do is change the subject, because this subject already has so much established momentum, and even though you went to bed and your momentum stopped when you woke up, the bills are still there and somebody else may still be worrying with you and the conditions are all around you, and so it would be freakishly odd for someone to say to you just don't think about it.

In some way you might say that's how I got myself into this mess to begin with.

I wasn't tending to what I needed to tend to, and so now I've got to face the music.

How do I get myself out of this?

How do I get out ahead of it feeling wise?

We say alright. You have to start at the beginning of this.

First you have to acknowledge that you are a vibrational being.

Do you?

In other words we're going to go really general, and that the universe is responding to your vibration. So you might say yes, and then you might say yes but the universe is responding to my vibration, and I'm really worried about this, and so the universe is giving me more.

How do I break that cycle?

We've got to change the subject.

Then you argue for your limitations more by saying I can't change the subject because money is tied to almost everything. It's tied to what I eat, and it's tied to where I live, and it's tied to who I hang out with. Really, it's tied to so many things.

How do I not think about that?

By thinking something else.

Yes, but law of attraction is only dishing those things up.

Alright, you got to pay attention to what the universe is yielding to you through your path of least resistance.

This is what we really want you to hear.

Remember your inner being knows where you are financially, and your inner being knows where you are in terms of your Vortex abundance, and your inner being knows how to bring you from one to the other.

So, your inner being knows what things are worrying the most.

Your inner being knows what your path of least resistance is.

You're not this good, any of you, at focusing doggedly on only one thing.

Your greatest gift is that you are fickle.

Your greatest gift is that there are so many things that you could think about, and so many things that are asking for your attention, so it is for sure that today something is going to catch your attention that is off that subject, and your inner being is aware, not only of what those subjects are, but of the timing of those subjects.

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It's like your inner being is saying - it is not literally like this, but it is accurate for us to tell you this story in this way.

It would be like your inner being and other inner beings cooperative components having a conversation about you and the conversation would go something like this:

He's looking for abundance, and there's so much lined up for him, but he can't find it because he's all twirled up in that, and that, and that.

So let's watch for an opportunity when he least suspects it.

His cork is accidentally going to bob for a minute because he doesn't have the ability to stay focused on anything all day, so be aware that his cork is going to bob, and when it does fill that gap with thoughts that match that.

Now if you have done only one small thing, which is to say I'm going to watch for opportunities to feel good, and when you accidentally aren't doing that thing you do that's holding your cork under the water, and you are bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo bobbing up here on the surface, you are going to feel the difference for just a moment.

If you have the acuity to run with that just a little bit, but most important you don't have to run very far with it, just notice that breath of fresh air, and maybe even an idea, because your inner being and all inner beings are really pouring the juice on.

You're in a moment of less, or no resistance, and so ideas are being presented to you, and you just might receive one of them.

Even if you don't receive the idea, you're going to feel an amplified feeling of freedom, of feeling better, and your vibration is going to have changed a little bit, which means your point of attraction has shifted, which means the worrisome thoughts have to be less because your vibration has shifted you see, so eventually you can stay off the subject.

There is so much abundance that you don't have to pay for.

Tracy was with Esther on her birthday the other day with the kids and they were astonishingly playful, all of them. It was a day that had been set aside to play and everyone was feeling playful, and Tracy said many, many times, this is my favorite birthday ever. This is my favorite birthday ever. This is my favorite birthday ever. This my favorite birthday ever, and Esther was thinking - this is her favorite birthday ever. This is her favorite birthday ever, and then Tracy said - maybe we'll see a rainbow. They didn't, but at the end of the day so many people posted rainbows over her house on her Facebook page. Tracy was not where the rainbow was, but her house was, and it was a double rainbow stayed over her house all afternoon.

That is abundance.

You can't buy that kind of abundance.

You can't pay for that stuff.

You pay for it with your - this is my happiest day ever. This is my happiest day ever.

You pay for it with your appreciation.

You see what we're getting at?

Abundance comes to you through your vibrational payments, and your vibrational payments just mean your attention to things that feel good, and before you know it you've distracted yourself enough from what's bothering you that you're not in the vibration of worry.

You might be if you focus back on your checkbook, but you're not in the vibration of worry and why would you spoil that run of momentum?

Now you are a different person. Standing in a different place.

Now you're inner being who knows where you stand financially in relationship to where you want to stand financially, knows that you're in an entirely different place.

Now it will be easier, and easier, and easier, and easier, and easier to call you into the frequency that puts you in the timing of the idea, or how does thoughts turn to things? This is the thing that we want you to ask yourselves on a really regular basis.

How do thoughts turn to things?

They turn to things because law of attraction causes momentum to get strong enough that they actually become a reality.

You have a choice about what thoughts you're allowing to turn to things, because you have a choice about what thoughts you think, but then you say - no, I don't have a choice about what thoughts I think about this.

Then we say, well then, think about something else, and as you take your air time away from that and put it on something else the balance will shift until before you know it, and we're not kidding, whatever the subject of your desire is, it can vibrate in the place, you can be in the receptive mode, about anything that you want, and once you turn that corner so to speak so that your expectation is that the Universe is yielding to you, you'll get those shivers of recognition when you realize that you received an impulse and you followed through on it.

Look what it yielded to you, because the Universe is yielding to you all day, every day.

You have no idea how much yield is flowing in your direction.

How much abundance is being offered to you, as being yielded to you, but you're not letting it in because you've got all these stupid things that you think about that don't let it in.

Don't try to do it all at once.

Most often you bring the subject that is the most problematic, and that's the one you most want to talk about. With the subjects that you're worried the most about are the subjects that you are floating your cork released about.

Let's say you've got ten subjects that you could potentially float your cork on, which means ten subjects that you could either not worry about, or worry about, and let's say that nine of them you worry all the time. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine subjects you worry about all the time, but there's one subject that you don't worry about.

Focus on it.

Let the one subject that you don't worry about be your cork floating subject, and if you focus on it long enough, pretty soon, by your lack of attention to the other subjects they'll start floating.

All of a sudden there's all these corks bobbing up here. You say - where'd you all come?

We've come up to join you in your chronic vibration.

Everything that you want - we're up here, joining you in the vibration where you are.


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