Importance of Understanding Your Vibrational Nature


This is a very enlightening piece from Abraham Hicks, especially if you want to be an interpreter of source energy, like Esther, or are a teacher or healer.

As Abraham has said many times before, words don't teach. You have to experience things, be able to interpret your own emotions, and follow what resonates with you. Be an example by practising your connection to source.

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Play the video on the left 'Abraham Hicks - The Importance of Understanding Your Vibrational Nature - to hear the full audio on this subject.

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From Abraham...

Well, I have great love for you also. I guess I'd like to ask about, I have a great desire to do something similar to what you do, I guess I'd call it channeling, you call it interpreting source energy, and I wanted to ask you about that.

Everyone is an extension of that which we are, and so there is not anyone who is not able, it's just a matter of being willing and allowing of it, and now you've heard us talk about the creation of anything, so it's logical that you're in the place of readiness for it.

If it's something that you put into your Vortex, sometimes it's helpful to identify where you are vibrationally relative to something, by asking yourself the question -

Why do I want this thing that I want?

Not how will it come, or when, or where, or who, but why do I want it? Why? Why do you want it? Why do you want to be an interpreter of source energy? Why do you want to be an interpreter of it, beyond the way that you already are.

In other words, an interpreter of source energy, we really like this question, an interpreter of source energy is what we've been talking about all day here today, isn't it? Isn't that what the grid filling in is? If your Vortex is there, and the source within you is there, being all that you've become, and you are creating a vibration that allows it, isn't that interpreting source energy? Isn't that really what we've been talking about? Is there anything that isn't that?

So, why do you want what you want?

 I guess because I've learned so much from you, and I see you bring so much joy and love. I'd love to be able to do that too.

So, you're wanting to be part of the deliberate empowerment of others. You're wanting to be able to find some way of expressing what you've come to know in such vivid terms that others are empowered by their observation of it.


So then, what does it do for you when we say words don't teach. 

You teach by example you're saying?

You see what's happening here, in an environment like this, we offer words, you focus with us, as we focus together you find your vibrational place, you see, because we can feel where you are. It's easy for us to know what we might say that will incrementally bring you to another place.

So, we'll just say to you, that the upliftment and the standing in the place of perpetuating enlightenment is not what people think it is. What people think it is, is having all the answers and then standing in a place where a question is offered and you've got the answer, but that isn't what upliftment is. What upliftment is, is finding the logical bridge to help someone move from where they are, to where they want to be, and so living that yourself as you've been describing, is of course the most important thing.

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Esther said in the early days, because she was aware of other teachers who were teaching very different things, and she was aware of audiences that sometimes felt like deer caught in the headlights to her, that some of them were ready and some of them felt not ready, and in the early days they thought well, they would have some gatherings, they have regular gatherings, and people came every week, or once a month, and then Jerry and Esther thought, well maybe we should have some newcomers meetings and some old timers meetings, and then they began to notice that everybody wanted to be at all of them, because everybody is a newcomer and an old-timer at the same time.

In other words, you are where you are, and it doesn't matter where you are, there's always a vibrational improvement for you, and when you accomplish it, you will have self evidence about that movement, you see.

So, we don't want to give any of you the impression that there are right answers that we are wanting to explain to you, because your behaviors are for you to decide about. Our work with you is to help you to understand your vibrational nature, and once you understand those basic premises of your vibrational nature, your life will take care of everything else, because your life will inspire your desire, see.

So, we're happy that you want to be an interpreter of this. We wish that for all of you. We want to say to all of you, that you are teaching through the clarity of your example, and that what you are radiating outward will meet those, in other words, everybody is not right here with us, and for those who aren't, this is not a very enjoyable conversation.

Nothing is more annoying than to want something and not be a vibrational match to it, and have someone go on and on and on about things that seem meaningless. An imaginary circle on the stage for God's sake. Call it whatever you want, but I don't see it. Call it whatever you want, you can talk about laws and concepts all you want, but until someone actually hooks into something, and so that really is what our work is.

Our work is to be who we are and express as purely as we can, with the singular intent of helping someone else find true resonance with their true self, because once they find resonance then they're off and running.

Also you got to know, and we're gonna give this to you, we want what you want. We want what you want with you. We just want to explain one little piece that will help all teachers and healers in an understanding of why some things seem to work better than others for you.

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Do you acknowledge that you were source energy before you came into this physical body? 

I do.

And do you acknowledge that with everything that you are living here, that source energy part of you is evolving?

I do.

So, that becoming is constant and delicious, and do you acknowledge that source stands there in what we are calling your vibrational reality, or your Vortex, aware of you and where you stand in relationship to everything you want? Flowing with precision, the next logical step for you to receive. Not just for your successful expansion, but for your joyous expansion. Do you acknowledge that?

Do you acknowledge that that is true for everyone?

Everyone has a source.

Everyone has a Vortex, and everyone has the undivided attention of source upon them. So, if everyone's already got that, if everyone already has a direct route to that source energy, and if source is unequivocally aware of loving, knowing you, flowing to you, to each of you and to everyone you know, if that is true, and it is our promise to you that it is, then what would be the reason that you would want to do what you do in that scenario? 

In the words everyone's already got a direct route, so why would someone stand as an example to that direct route. What's the benefit of that?

That's a very good question. I just want to say ,one which requires no answer. Perhaps I can ask you another question if I may?

What the answer to that is, is that because words don't teach, and sometimes a person has a strong desire and they're not in the vibrational vicinity of it, but as you are able to hold them as your object of attention, one who's connected to this stream is more powerful, or better said, more influential, than millions who are not, so as you're holding someone as your object of attention, knowing the success that they seek, even though they're not currently living it, you light it up in a way that makes it more likely that they will catch a glimpse of it, you see.

So, the key to this upliftment is, to find your own connection and practice it steadily. You cannot focus on the problems of the world and be a help in helping people to find solution, because the vibration of a problem and the vibration of a solution are completely different vibrations, just like the vibration of a question and the vibration of an answer are completely different vibrations. So, that's the thing that sort of gets out of alignment, out of whack with so many very well-meaning teachers, is that they're running around looking for somebody that needs a leg up, and in their attention to where they are, they're not of any advantage.

Key to Upliftment

In other words, you cannot be a physical human, advantage to anyone, unless you are in the frequency of that which they are reaching for in their Vortex. You're just shining a light on who they really are and making it a higher probability that they will catch a glimpse of it, you see.

When you hold someone as your object of attention, when you're tuned in to their success, they're much more likely to find it than if you are not, and if you are looking at the absence of their success, then you don't have access to it and you don't have any way of uplifting them to it either.

You like that? Powerful. Such a good thing to know.

When you are their mentor, they want you to be there for them, be there for me. Well I want to be there for you. I want to be where you really are. No, come over here where I am now. Come over here where I am now and support me. Give me what I need. We say, if it's true, and it is, that you're already connected and the source is already looking, then as a teacher or healer, then your work, your unequivocal singular work, is to help everyone understand, or anyone understand, that they've got access to it, just like you do, and then you demonstrate through the clarity of your example, your alignment. That's it.


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