Is There Such a Thing as Signs


We've all had something happen where we immediately say - it's a sign (whether positive or negative.) Have you ever wondered whether it really was a sign? And if it was a sign, what did that sign mean? Were you interpreting it properly?

Abraham explains what signs mean, and how to get rid of any signs that you don't want.

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From Abraham...

When something happens in your life and we say, oh it was a sign, or it was my source telling me something. I'm not sure I still understand it, what that means when you think, oh that was meant to be.

Well, if we were standing in your physical shoes everything like that that gets your attention, we would say it's a sign because it always is a sign of something. It's a sign of one of two things, it's a sign of more allowing, or it's a sign of more resistance, everything that happens.

In other words, when Esther's computer came grinding to its last breath, what is that a sign of she wondered. What is this a sign of? Was it a sign of her resistance? Now she could take it that way, because she was here with only one computer and it stopped. Only one computer that was loaded with the sound files and the cards that connect with all of these cables. They searched the ship over for cables that would connect to her other computer and there just aren't any onboard, so what that meant was - it could be a sign of her lack of preparedness, or it could be a sign of the preparedness, because they're still recording. It could be a sign of the redundancy of their systems. It could be a sign that Esther worries too much about things that she should not be worrying about. It could be, in other words, you can take everything that happens and make it a sign to mean anything that you decide to make it.

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It's like statistics. Have you ever seen the people who gather statistics? They can twist them to make whatever point they're wanting to make, you of all people know that.

So, what we want you to do is to say - my guidance system, the emotion that I feel, whether it's positive or negative emotion, the emotion I feel every time is an indicator of where I am in relationship to something really big.

But where do those things come from? Is it just a coincidence?

Never. Where it is Law of Attractions response to your dueling vibrations, every time. Everything that happens. Every manifestation. Now think about it - every point in time is a manifestation. What's in your bank account is a manifestation, and let's take it further, let's call it a manifestational indicator of a vibrational state of being. Yes, you like it? Everything that I'm living, the lover in my bed, the money in my bank account, my physical state of being, my attitude about this, that and the other. Everything that happens is a manifestational indicator of my current state of vibration.

Now, we like the words that Esther found there - it is the vibrational comparison, because you have two vibrational vantage points. There is the vibration of who you are and who you have become, and we want to emphasize, this is who you were before you were born, but this is also who you have become. You came forth. You mixed it up. You launched rockets, and now this is who you have become.

Which vibration, which vibrational vantage point that Law of Attraction is responding to, do you think is dominant?

This one that is the eternal you that is always keeping up with what life causes you to become, or this which is the vantage point of where you are right now? We want to say THIS one, or this one.

In other words, this is huge in comparison, but still Law of Attraction is a very powerful law that is responding to your vibrational vantage points, and everything that happens is about that vibrational mix, or relationships between those vantage points.

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So, when you have a moment of extreme clarity and elation, when you are feeling on top of the world, when you are wanting to get up and dance, when your heart is singing, when you feel as if you can barely contain your joy, we got to tell you, you've managed to dance or vibrate yourself, your way, into alignment so that you're offering one vibration, and in the absence of resistance, the things that Law of Attraction can show you, in the absence of resistance, are fast, they're pure, they're intense, they're sensational, but when you mix your vibration up a little bit, when you've got some desire all mixed in with doubt, now the combination of those vibrations brings a different vibrational indicator. Can you see that?

Sort of like Esther playing with grandchildren and the delight they all discover in finding out which pieces of clay, mixed together with which pieces of clay, make which different colors of clay. The mixture makes for a different outcome, so if your quest is just to feel good, if your quest is to feel good rather than your quest is the quest. If your quest is to feel good rather than your quest is to achieve the thing, or to find the right path to the thing. If your quest is to enjoy the mixture, then it's easier for you to release any thoughts.

It's sort of like just leaving out the parts that don't fit this. That's, that would be the easiest way to do it. That's why we're asking you, all of you, to ask yourself on a really regular basis - how does my source feel about this?

Because your source, so let's say you meet someone, and let's say that one, for whatever reason, is bothering you. Maybe this person reminds you of past issues. Maybe this person has their own current issues. Maybe this person is needy and needing attention. Maybe this person just blundered into your experience, but the fact that they are there means Law of Attraction brought them to you for a reason.

There's plenty going on with you that's active enough that this was your point of attraction, and sometimes you look out there and you see your point of attractions, and you don't want that point of attraction to be there. They're reflecting back to you something that's going on within you that you don't want.

That's a sign.

It's a vibrational indication of something. So, now what you say is - bless you there, you are mirroring back to me, because you wouldn't be here if I didn't have this going on. Now what parts, what parts of this that's going on would I like to go on without, what parts of you would I like to be apart from, and that's what we meant when we say, say to your inner being - how do you see this, because when you try to extract from whatever you're looking at, the perspective of your inner being, and as you ask for it and then get closer to it, and hear it, and then restate it, and amplify it, so that you begin becoming more inner being like relative to more relationships and more conditions, then little by little, you leave the parts that you don't like out of it and you become a vibrational match.

You got to understand your inner being over there, in your vibrational escrow, being and living over all that you're looking for, you see.

Jerry and Esther and friends were talking about carving things, and Esther said that she, at a very early age, carved an elephant out of a bar of soap, and Jerry wanted to know how she went about it, and she said the same thing that she had heard other sculptors say - I just sort of drew an outline on it and then everything that didn't look like the elephant, I just sort of chiseled away until I was left with something that was rather elephant like, until its nose fell off and then I made a pig out of it.

She said I trimmed its ears down a little bit, but it's the same idea, and it was leaving behind the parts that don't fit, leaving behind the parts that don't fit, but we've never known anybody to leave something behind while they're looking at it, because in this universe that's only about inclusion, when you say no to it, you don't leave it behind, it stays with you.

So, to leave things behind that you don't want, you've got to amplify and emphasize the parts that you do want to keep, and that's the value of that board that Catherine Ponder talked about all those years ago, and Jerry read it and felt the resonance of it, and utilized it. In other words, that's a magnificent way of going about cueing yourself up to receive what you're wanting.


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