Listen to Your Inner Being


Did you know that your inner being, the non-physical part of you, is sending you signs, moment by moment, to show you the way toward everything you've ever put in your vibrational escrow?

It's like a game of hot and cold, except with your emotions. Positive emotions means you're close, negative emotions means you're getting further away.

Once you start listening to your inner being, life becomes a really fun game to play!

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Play the video on the left 'Abraham Hicks - Listen to Your Inner Being - to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 15 minutes

From Abraham...

Well, we feel your vibration, and we hear your words, and we see what's in your vibrational escrow, and so the reason that we are teasing a bit with our 'we don't really believe a word you're saying' sound, is because we see what is in your vibrational escrow and we know that you could not clearly define it, because you've been contributing to it for such a long time.

Do you know what your vibrational escrow is?

Do you know what we mean by that?

You are source energy in physical bodies. Are you coming to remember that, and as you come forth into this physical body, the variety that surrounds you inspires constant new awareness of what you would prefer, and each of those preferences, whether you ever say a word about it out loud or not, each of those preferences moves forth out of you like a rocket of desire into what we are calling a vibrational escrow, but what we literally mean by that is that that rocket of desire emanates from you all day every day when you know what you don't want, a rocket of desire about what you do want flows forth from you, and when that happens, the broader non-physical part of you rides that rocket and becomes the vibrational equivalent of it, so there is a vibrational version of you that is preceding you, even now you are in this physical body, just like that vibrational version of you, preceded you before you came into this physical body.

That source energy part of you that made the decision to come forth, all of that source energy part of you didn't come forth into this body, a part of it is projected into this personality that you know as you, and when this leading-edge genius creative, physical you explores contrast and gives birth to a new desire, that non-physical part of you rides that rocket and becomes it. So this vibrational escrow is not something that is just floating out there, it is something that has already to become.

In fact, we would like to say to you that the larger part of you has become it because of the physical part of you and what you're living.

Is your physical experience beginning to make more sense to you?

So, there is this duality within you you might say. These two vibrational points of reference that are always playing off one another. The question that we are wanting to ask you, to ask yourself, all day every day is, is the physical, human, mortal part of me, this leading-edge me, that I know is me. The one that my mother named and the one that I have seen is me in the mirror, this physical part of me. Is this physical part of me with all that I'm thinking and doing, is this physical part of me a vibrational match to the larger part of me? Because if it is a vibrational match to the larger part of you, then that means you are in this moment a vibrational match not only to the larger part of you, but to the vibrational escrow that is there where the larger part of you is.

Are you getting a sense of it? In other words, when your life causes you to know that you don't want this, and therefore that you do want this, the larger part of you knows that no one would know better for you, than you, and so when you give birth to that rocket of desire, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next. You're constantly amending your desires, the non-physical part of you becomes it and holds itself as the vibrational equivalent of it.

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Now we can feel that you're sort of getting that, that you have a sense that you were certainly something before you came into this body, and in the same way that the electricity runs through the walls of your building and you plug your toaster in, you don't ask the electricity to come and be the toaster. You know that the electricity will be the electricity, and that it will in a sense power the toaster, and we want you to know that in your human form, you're the toaster, but that you have another part of you, the non-physical part of you, that is the energy, the source energy, the God force, the evolving eternal part of you.

So, it is our desire that you come to recognize these vibrational aspects of you, and that you begin to pay attention to the emotions that you feel all day every day, because they are your indicator of this vibrational mix between who you are letting yourself be by virtue of the thoughts you're thinking here and now, and who you have become by virtue of all that you have lived, including that which you have just set forth through the contrast that you are living.

Are you beginning to get a sense of it?

Now, the most important part in understanding this vibrational relationship between the physical you and the non-physical you, the mortal you and the God force you, that which you called soul, we are calling inner being, or source. As you recognize these two vibrational aspects, the most important thing that we want to convey to you today is that Law of Attraction, the most powerful law in the Universe.

The law that manages all vibrational frequencies and brings us frequencies that match one another together.

Law of Attraction is responding to both vibrational offerings of you, to the eternal offering, and to the now offering.

Now, just from what you know of how long you've been in this body, and what you certainly must logically speculate about the eternal part of you. Which part of you do you think Law of Attraction has been responding to the longest? The eternal part of you, or this human part of you, but we were wanting to demonstrate the difference between who you really are, and who you are, and when you understand that you have the ability, by virtue of the choice of your thoughts, to bring this physical part of you into vibrational alignment with who you really are, when Law of Attraction is responding to this singular vibration, you are powerful beyond your wildest current dreams, but when your energy is split, when who you really are is vibrating here, and who you are allowing yourself to be is vibrating here, not only is your power of influence not much at all, but you can feel the discord in your being, because you're not letting yourself be who life has caused you to become.

So, that's what this art of allowing is all about. The art of allowing me, in my physical body, to become a vibrational match to who I really am. Which is the same thing as saying, the art of allowing me to return to who I am. The art of me allowing the art of allowing me to close the vibrational gap between who I am being in my body, and who I am being in my eternal form. The art of allowing me to become a vibrational match to all of the wonderful things that life has caused me to put into my vibrational escrow.

In other words, it is such a wonderful thing when you get a conscious bead on the way you feel, because your emotions are helping you, in every moment, to quantify the journey between who you are allowing yourself to be, and who you really are.

We think that that is the easiest way for you to understand the fullness of who you are, and we want you to get the feeling that when Law of Attraction is responding to this powerful vibrational being that you have become, as Law of Attraction responds to that vibrational emission, the sensation that you have in your physical body is one of being called toward it. 

That's what your feeling of passion is.

That's what a feeling of enthusiasm is.

That's what that feeling of excitement, or expectation is.

That's the feeling of you being in the vibrational vicinity of that vibrational calling point, and being close enough to it that you're getting a feeling of it, as it is calling you to it. When you feel that joyous, positive motion, that means that you are within the vibrational vicinity of this powerful attraction, and the sensation to you is, that it's like a powerful river that is moving downstream, and if you even stick your toe in it, the river will sweep you with its current toward what you were wanting, and when you understand that everything that you want is within that current and it is moving downstream, and you begin to relax and allow yourself to go with that steady flow, everything that you want will begin showing up in your experience.

We see so many of you, you take your raft, or your rubber raft, your boat, down to the river's edge and you have your oars securely attached to the edges of this raft and you get into the raft, and almost without exception, you turn it upstream and begin paddling very hard. We know it is illogical, isn't it, and we say, why not go with the flow, and our human friends think about it briefly and then say, that just seems lazy.

The people who try hard, look at them all, look how hard they try, and those are the ones who are rewarded. I learned it when I was little, the harder you try, the better things will go for you, and there is no gain without pain. I was told that over and over and over again, and since I want gain, then I want pain. So, get out of my way and let me paddle, look how strong I am becoming, and then they point out to us all the other strong ones that are virtuous and valiant, and paddling upstream too, and we listen politely, but then we just cannot stop ourselves from saying, because we have seen the big picture and we know who you are, and we know why you came, and we know who you really are. 

We know that everything that you want is downstream, and that nothing that you want is upstream, and so all that struggle, every time you try, even when you say, I'm sick and I'm going to beat it, you turn upstream. Every time you say, I'm going to heal this illness, you turn upstream.

Feel the difference between healing and illness, and allowing the natural wellness.

Can't you feel the downstream quality of allowing the wellness to return, and the upstream quality of beating the illness, and so without knowing it, most of our human friends have picked up very upstream habits.

You've been trained by others who have been paddling upstream very hard, and the art of allowing is about letting go of those oars, and it's easy to let go of the oars when you know this process. 

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It's easy to let go of the oars when you know that everything that you want is downstream, and when you know that the source energy within you, that the broader part of you, is down there tending what you are wanting, but when you believe that you have to work hard, when you believe that struggle is inherent in achieving, then while we will admit that you can move some physical things around, we have to say to you, that creation through action is mediocre at best in terms of the results it brings to you, and that creation through alignment of energy is where all of the Masters, and all of those that you revere have found their place.

You cannot be a magnificent creator without alignment with the energy of your origin.

Without alignment with the energy of your source.

Without alignment to the energy of the power that creates worlds, and when you hold yourself apart from it you know it, you feel rotten, and when you find yourself aligning to it, you feel wonderful.

Isn't it good that you were born with a guidance system that helps you to quantify that journey.

Isn't it nice that you were born with a guidance system that lets you easily know from wherever you stand, if the thought you are choosing to say right now, if the thought you're thinking, if the words you were thinking, you can tell by the way you feel, if it's upstream in nature, or downstream in nature.

The way you are feeling right now won't tell you the best thought you've ever thought, or the best thought that's ever been thought.

It will only tell you the directional choice of your thoughts.

It will let you know if you're going toward what you want, or away from what you want.

Toward who you really are, or away from who you really are.

You're sort of like a two-headed monster and we just want both hands to go in the same direction, and we don't mean that disrespectfully, because we're the other head. We want you to come into alignment with all that you've become, and so these are the most powerful words that we want you to remember - I in my human form. I in my physical body. I want to allow myself to be, that which life has caused me to become, and if you don't keep up with you, you don't feel good, and every negative emotion you feel is only about that, only about that.

It's only about you not keeping up with you.


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