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Manifesting: The Cup of Tea / Coffee Analogy

cup of tea analogy

It hit me in the early hours of the morning that we manifest ALL THE TIME. We’ve manifested the clothes we wear, the place we live, the people that surround us etc.

This isn’t exactly news to most of you, but bear with me.

The thought wasn’t so much about WHAT we’ve manifested, more the HOW.

Enter the ‘cup of tea/coffee analogy.’

For me, every morning when I wake up I look forward (intend) to having a cup of tea as part of my start of the day routine.

When I’m showered and dressed I go downstairs and pop the kettle on, grab a mug and put a teabag in the mug.

It’s a routine or habit that I could probably do in my sleep.

If I’m still half asleep I can often find myself on the couch drinking my cup of tea before I realise what I’m doing.

The cup of tea is just how I like it.

I’ve manifested the perfect cup of tea.

However, this doesn’t happen by accident, it’s through repetition AND believing that when I make my cup of tea it will be just what I wanted.

But, it wasn’t always the case.

And my perfect cup of tea may not be yours. You need to figure that out for yourself throught trial and error, or as Abraham explains it – contrast.

When it comes to others wanting a cup of tea, they could want herbal tea, fruit tea, sweet tea, with milk or without, with sugar or without, the list is endless on what the perfect cup of tea tastes like for you.

Once you’ve figured this out all you need to do is repeat it to get the same results.

So, what does that have to do with manifesting other things?

Think about it – if you know how to manifest your perfect cup of tea (or coffee) you can deconstruct the actions you have to take to make it. Your thought process etc.

For me it’s so much of a habit that I do it automatically, but before I got to that stage I created a process for making that cup of tea.

  • boil the kettle
  • get mug
  • put teabag in mug
  • add boiling water
  • add milk
  • take out teabag
  • drink

So I know for a FACT that if I follow these instructions that I will get my cup of tea.

I can’t remember my first cup of tea but I’m positive that it’s probably the same way my mum made hers and made for me.

My desire for my first cup of tea used an already created model as the baseline.

It was luck that I liked the first version, however my sister ended up putting sugar in hers. She didn’t like the first version (contrast) then tried a few others ways to find her perfect cup.

We can use this to manifest ANYTHING.

Decide what you want to manifest and search for someone who has already manifested what you want to manifest.

Discover how they manifested it and do the same (if you can.)

If their circumstances are different to yours then dig deeper and find someone else who had the same circumstances as you and manifested what you desire and copy them.

It may not work out the first time you try.

However, if you keep at it, knowing that your desire MUST manifest then the Universe will put thoughts in your head and opportunities in your way to ensure your success.

Look at what you manifest regularly and how easy it is for you to do and apply that to something you haven’t manifested before. It’s the process you are looking for.

Wallace Wattles preaches ‘efficient action’ is the only way to manifest.

Efficient action is taking those steps that will lead to the manifestation of your desire.

The boiling of the kettle, the teabag etc.

Afterall you can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket and filling that ticket with the winning numbers.


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