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Motivational Quotes for Work

Whether you’re looking for a motivational quote to motivate you towards a job promotion, job satisfaction or just to get you through the work day, we’ve got you covered!

Which quote gets you through the day? Let us know in the comments below.

This is my favorite Henry Ford quote and it’s right. Whether you believe you can do something, or not, can be the difference between you actually achieving it.

What if you could do it?

For a day, believe you can do anything you set your mind to. Remove ‘I can’t‘ from your vocabulary and see how you get on.

Being able to change and adapt to your surroundings is one of the best skills you can have.

In a work environment, this is especially true when dealing with start-ups and small business.

Enjoy the challenge and believe you are more than capable for any task.

Stephen Hawking Quote

Love this Edison motivational quote, however maybe change ‘hard work’ to ‘smart work’ or ‘focused work’.

Be clear on what you want to achieve then GO FOR IT! Immerse yourself in it and become a master in your field. Stick to it until you are completely satified with your work, using common sense to make an adjustments to your plan.

Motivational mugs

I’m going to take a different persepctive on ‘perfection’. For many people being a perfectionist can result in procrastination and definitely second guessing yourself. Instead, when looking for perfection, trust your FEELINGS.

Do you feel good about the amount of effort you’ve put in? Do you feel satisfied? This is the perfection you’re looking for, be guided by your emotions and signs from the Universe to achieve success.

Another quote that mentions hard work, learning and perseverance as the way to success. A trend perhaps?

What is great about Pele’s quote is that he adds ‘love of what you are doing’. We are at ‘work’ for the majority of our lives, it definitely helps to get through those Monday morning blues and humpdays if you LOVE what you’re doing.

Do you agree? 

Great quote from Robin S Sharma – do you focus on getting results through your passion for your work?

Are you a great team-mate and inspire those around you to do their best?

Consistency means don’t give up! Keep doing the best job you can and the rewards will follow.

Are you consistent in your efforts? Could you be doing better?

If you can find at least one part of your job that gives you pleasure, try and apply it to other areas.

The more you can find pleasure in all areas of your work, the better your results!

This is a well-known quote and something many aspire to. Once you have achieved it, you believe it but until then, not so much.

The more you can see even small aspects of your job that you love, the happier you’ll be and it may lead you to something that you’ll love even more.

Focus on the positive and more posivitity will be attracted to you.

There is nothing more fulfilling than a job well done! The more things that you can complete in this manner, watch the opportunities flow to you.

What great work can you achieve today?


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