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​​Spirit of Loved Ones After Reincarnation

​This is a very short segment about what happens with the spirit of loved ones, once they are reincarnated. Can we still talk to them as if their spirit were still around?

Abraham explains what non-physical beings are and that yes, they are definitely still around you.

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From Abraham...

​Since I believe in reincarnation, and my first husband died 16 years ago, and I figure he has come back in another life and body, and what I want to know is, is it still possible that he can be here with us? For example, I want him to share in the joy of his son's accomplishments, like when one graduates from high school, or when the other one makes the baseball team in college, and if I look up to heaven and say, isn't that great honey. Is anybody listening. 

He is.

So, how it's gonna be possible if he's reincarnated. How can you still be here? How does that, can you tell me how it works, maybe?

​We were talking earlier about how difficult it is for our human friends, in their physical perception, to see the bigger picture, because you are so accustomed to seeing each other in the unique ways that you do, but as you come to realize that, you yourself are much more than the physical being. In other words, that you, yourself have a non-physical counterpart that is present within you, then you begin to understand that this consciousness that you know as you, is an eternal consciousness, and that consciousness is coming into focus.

That's what equals the personalities that you know as you.

So, when you have lived in a physical body, and you have become aware of your environment, your ever-changing environment, and you have become the personality that is you. The personality that you define is you meet one another, you know who this person is, and you know who that person is​.

Your reemerging into non-physical does not take away that focus. So, when you think about your husband, who is no longer walking around with you in physical form, you literally ask for, and bring into focus, those energies. It's like, and we want to say this softly so that you don't get the right idea, but it's like reconstituting them. It's like focusing them back into being. Now that feels off to you, because you don't want to focus them back into being, you want them to already be focused into being, and you want them to be aware of you, and that is happening all the time.

​Also, we just want you to begin to feel the deliciousness of giving your attention to someone who you care about, and realizing that that person is aware of you, and will come and play with you, and flow with you, and perceive with you, and in fact we want to say to you, you haven't been knowing this, but we really want you to, and so does he, in the majority of cases when you have a thought and then it occurs to you that you would like to include him in it, he was there first. He was the one that called your attention to it. You were not the one that is calling his attention to it. There is no separation.

There is no separation, and as you relax and begin to allow this perceptual veil that humans have put between you and that which is non-physical to lift, you're going to realize more and more how we are all in this much more together than you have given credit, and then you can really begin to enjoy the fullness of who you all are. Yes, something more?

No, thank you very much.

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