The Power of Allowing


If you are not regularly receiving the things you've put into your vortex, then chances are you aren't allowing them to come into physical existance - and you need to figure out how to change that.

Step One: Ask

Step Two: It Is Given

Step Three: Allow

It is often our fixation on 'what is', where we can't physically see what we've asked for in material form, that sends out a different vibration to one of allowing.

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Are you ready to find out how to allow more easily?

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Play the video on the left 'Abraham Hicks - The Power of Allowing - to hear the full audio on this subject.

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We sometimes forget that we are vibrational beings having a physical experience, and allow our physical existance over ride our vibrational one.

It means we sometimes forget how to deliberately create vibrationally. 

When you observe something you offer a vibration about it, and because you offer a vibration about it, you offer a transmission that law of attraction is responding to, and then what you observed, which radiates out from you vibrationally, comes back to you vibrationally, and you translate it into life experience, and then it feels to you like life is happening to you.

Everything we attract was first vibration. If we focus our vibration on 'what is' then that's what we attract. If we focus on what we want, then that's what we attract. Which vibrational frequency are you sending out? #abrahamhicks

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Most of the time what we send out vibrationally is unintentional. We are constantly sending out vibrations and our vibrations relate to what we are focused on.

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When there is something that you can give your attention to, that is just wonderful to see, when you see it, especially after you focus on it for a while, you just feel better and better and better, it's like it breathes life into you and as you give your attention to this life giving thing, then it sometimes feels to you that there should be more life giving things around.

Give me the life giving things, and take away the things that bother me, and then I will live happily ever after. This is an example of a conditional love.

What you want, in y,our physical shoes, is to change the conditions to the things that you prefer, and then you will observe them, and then you will be really happy, and on a roll. You'll observe something good, and something good will radiate from me and then the Universe will give me something else good, and off you'll go.

You are more than these physical bodies.

You are source energy extended out here but even when you are here looking into your physical format, more than the you that you think is looking, is looking. There is a source energy part of you always looking with you, through you, with you.

So in every moment in time that you are having a conversation, this larger source energy part of you is there in the conversation, and you can tell by the way you feel how intertwined you are vibrationally. How resonant you are with the whole of you, or you can feel, through your emotions, how much of who you really are you're pinching of because of your current opinion.

A Message from Abraham...

Now your opinions are really valid, they are, they are important and we are not for a moment suggesting you should come and be a puppet on a string, where source just flows through you and does all your thinking for you, but we would like to explain to you how you intended it when you made the decision to come, and as you decide to deliberately apply your awareness that you are a vibrational being.

That you are an extension of source energy.

That source energy is flowing to you and through you at all times.

That you have guidance within you that lets you know how much of that you are allowing in any moment, or how much of that you are resisting, as you begin to focus upon these very few premises that are law based that are universal and begin to deliberately apply them from your point of knowing.

It is our promise to you that your deliberate approach to life will be delicious and you will never again be confused about how things are coming to you.

You won't be confused about your life, and you won't be confused about anyone else's life and you won't be asking law of attraction or anything else to be an arbitrary judge of you, and everyone else you won't be asking the impossible things that so many humans are asking, which is...

Let's just bang around together and let's manifest all over the place wanted and unwanted and then let's find some judge who is standing outside of us to evaluate the rightness or the wrongness of our behavior, or of our creation, or of our attraction, and then we will try to mimic whatever the great one decides is a right way to live.

We say nothing like that is anything close to what you knew when you made the decision to come into this time-space reality because you knew that you are Source Energy and you knew that you would be coming forth into a variety of contrast that would stimulate within you a constant new awareness of improvement.

New desire would be born all day every day within you. We call that step one of this creative process contrast causes you to ask.

You can't stop it. Don't try every moment of the day. There is something new that is occurring to you that would be an improved condition.

That's what the evolution of all species is about and when you go with the flow of that rather than bucking the idea of it, things will begin getting easier for you, immediately.

You can't stop becoming.

Step one causes you to ask, all day every day.

It's not going to show up today, not in most cases, but you're asking puts that request into a vibrational reality. This vibrational reality, this vortex of vibration, and unless you are in the frequency of it, you can't translate it into reality.

It's a vibrational reality so it's a future manifestation for you.

The reason you want them is because you believe you will feel better in the having of it.

If I had that now, then I would feel good.

But since I don't have it, I don't feel so good.

And I'm justified in not feeling so good, because I don't have this thing that I want.

And so I'm going to stand in this place of not feeling so good because I want that thing that I do not have.

And I think that someone should make it available to me even though I'm offering a vibration that prevents it from coming to me.

Meanwhile there are a lot of things that are coming into beingness that you could be taking enormous pleasure from if you would allow yourself to understand the process of creation.

The non-physical part of you stands in your vortex, in complete vibrational alignment, already having become the full vibrational fruition of everything that you've been asking for.

There is a part of you who stands as the culmination of all that you have lived who is beaming a signal to you all day every day that you can feel your resonance with, or not.

When you feel eager - you're right there in alignment.

When you feel loved, or in love-  you're right there in alignment in your appreciation.

You're right there, tuned in tapped in turned on.

No resistance whatsoever in your vibration.

Vibrating at the same frequency of that pure positive energy that is you, and in that beingness, as you are looking into your world fully enveloped with that Source Energy, you are then seeing the world through the eyes of source, and everyone who stands as the object of your attention benefits by your connection to this Source Energy.

You said, "I'll go forth and I'll explore contrast. I don't want a feathered nest. I don't want someone else figuring it all out for me. I want my personal preferences to count for something. I want my unique, important, extraordinary perspective to matter. I want to give birth to my rockets of desire."

When you do that, the energy that creates worlds will flow toward your rocket of desire. You knew so clearly where to remind you again - you have but ONE thing to do...

Come into full vibrational alignment with what you've become.

Your part will be the allowing part.

I will practice the art of allowing.

I will get so good at allowing.

I will feel my way to it because I will understand that my emotions tell me the proximity, in this moment, to source. 

You can feel your relationship with it, in every moment of every day, so here's this vortex, and it's vibrating, and it's vivid, and it's real, and it is ready to manifest into your experience anytime you're ready for it, but it's your readiness that is what step three is about.

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The art of allowing is about your vibrational readiness.

The law of attraction feeds back to you an amplified version of what you've got going on vibrationally - positive or negative.

If you want to be a deliberate creator you must understand the art of allowing.

You've got to understand who you really are.

You've got to feel your way to it.

The more you live this life, and the more this life causes you to expand, then the more important it is for you to keep up to speed with that expansion.


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