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The Universe Gives You $10K But There's a Catch

What if the Universe gave you $10,000?

You receive an inspired thought to check your bank account and when you do there is an extra $10,000 sitting there.

But (are you thinking there is always a but?) you need to spend it TODAY, or face losing it.

Nice buts are always welcome 😉

You can spend it on anything you want but whatever is left by midnight, you'll lose it.

Your initial thoughts tell you a lot about where you are in terms of your alignment with your inner being.

If any are negative (disclosure: mine were when I was first asked this question) that's ok. Don't go down that negative spiral because it doesn't help. It just wastes time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere.

You have a choice here, think fun and positive thoughts (believe it or not, your NATURAL way of thinking) or continue doing what you've always done.

Yay! It's fun and positive thinking from now on...

Always reach for that good feeling thought and follow it. It will ALWAYS lead you to something better.

What are you going to do with it?

You HAVE to spend it, you can't save it.

Would you spend it on fun things?

Practical things?

Give it away?

The great thing about this is that anything you want to do with it is RIGHT.

If this exercise brings up negative feelings that you can't shake, then what if I told you if you spend it all by midnight, you'll receive the same tomorrow?

Whatever you do with the money, you are in a BETTER place NOW than you were before you received it.

Also, if $10,000 seems too much for you to believe right now, then reduce the amount to $1,000, or even $100.

If spending $10,000 is too easy - YAY! Increase it.

This exercise is a way to expand your financial thinking.

Whatever you desire your inner being has already achieved it (and far more) and if you are open, then they'll show you the FASTEST way to achieve it (the path of least resistence.)

Watch out for signs - these could be co-incidences, repeated patterns etc.

Follow your feelings. Does it feel good - continue, if not, get back into that good feeling place then continue.

The Universe will bring you WHATEVER you desire, and as quickly as you'll allow it into your experience.

The 'practical/realist' you may believe this is a game and 'not real' but in your Vortext, the fun you had spending this unexpected income was REAL.


You can bring that Vortex reality into 'real life' by raising your vibration and using the feelings of it already happened, to guide you towards receiving it.

The more you practise this, the faster your manifestations.

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