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What Do Tears Mean?

Have you ever found yourself crying for no real reason? It wasn't because you were sad, rather the opposite.

When you see something beautiful.

When you experience something awe inspiring.

Sometimes, the tears flow without any real reason.

So, what do tears mean?

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Tears often mean you have resonated with a love that is greater than your capacity to maintain it, and so it's a release.

There is always a releasing of resistance in tears, but let's focus on what it really is. It's an integration of something wanted without your complete ability to allow it in its bigness.

Don't try to do anything with it.

Don't try so hard to fill in the grid.

Just keep going back to the best feeling place you can find and it will fill in, until your capacity to achieve it is more.

Next time that level of love will be easily integrated and received.

The source within you has an emotional grid about you and when your grid overlays perfectly - that's our definition of compassion.

It's you in this moment, feeling as the source within you feels, the closing of that gap.

The integration of those souls is really what compassion is.

It's you knowing how source feels.

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