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​What is Tithing?

If you've been studying the law of attraction for any length of time, or have read books on prosperity, many suggest you tithe a percentage of your income, usually ten percent, and more money will flow.

But, what exactly is tithing, and how does it work?

This is the best example, and explanation I've ever come across from Abraham, and it's short! No long winded explanation that doesn't make sense here!

Let me know in the comments, what you think about tithing.

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From Abraham...

​Good morning. I feel so pleased and so happy to be here today. It's my first time, and probably in the last month and a half, the first time ever I feel this connection that I call the Universe, for me, and I just know that something shifts in myself, and I start manifesting stuff in my life, and not only money. No, it's just in this point of view, money as well. For the first time ever a relationship.

Because all these things are lined up right outside your door so to speak, and when you open the door, then they begin flowing in easily.

Even relationship, and then, my question is, all the books that I read about prosperity, and they talked about tithing, to tithe ten percent of your income you receive to the spiritual source. Can you please talk about that?

Well, here's the reason that it can be a value for you. We always say tithe their clothing account, or something that is meaningful to you in another way, but here's the power of it. When you have this feeling of well-being, this feeling of well-being that you are even describing more specifically, this feeling of prosperous well-being.

So, you are breathing in and out.

​You're breathing prosperity in and out, in and out, in and out, in this rhythm of well-being, and your feeling is, there is no shortage for me and therefore I have more than is necessary so that I can give.

It's that feeling of well-being that just causes more to come.

There are people who tithe out of responsibilities that don't receive the benefit from it. There are even people who tithe feeling resentful because they tithe, and then they can't pay their bills, and then they're out of balance because they can't pay their bills, and so they receive no benefit from it you see.

​So, we are not encouraging the specifics of tithing into something, but we are encouraging the specifics of finding somehow that feeling of well-being which perpetuates more and more, and more, and more, and more.

It's the same thing, this is going to sound sort of blunt and bold and gauche maybe, is the same reason that the rich get richer, because in their feeling of prosperity more comes to them, and it's the reason that the poor get poorer, because in their feeling of shortage, more shortage comes to them.

It's that feeling of excess.

It really is.

The reason that one of the processes that we offer is that, find some way to get a hundred dollars in your pocket, and spend it all day long.

Mentally I could have that. I could have that.

Don't spend it, but spend it mentally.

find the feeling place

If I wanted to, I could have that. I could have that. I could have that. I could have that I could have that, because what happens - it fosters that feeling of what financial well-being, someone said Abraham you haven't been physical lately because a hundred dollars won't go very far, and we said if you spend it a thousand times today, you've spent the equivalent of a hundred thousand dollars, and that goes a long way in boosting the vibrational expectation of your being.

You see it's all about, anytime you offer an action, if the action closes the gap, in other words, if the action makes you feel better, then it was a beneficial action, but it's sort of backwards from what we teach.

We're teaching - find the feeling place, and then find the inspired action.

Don't offer action in order to try to make something happen.

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