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When You Feel Judged by Others

When you feel judged by others it can bring up negative feelings.

You may have been having an amazing day, everything going right and then someone brings their bad day into your energy and suddenly all your good feelings start to disappear.

The change in your mood can be quick and set your mood for the rest of the day, so wouldn't it be awesome if you could figure out a way to stop this happening?

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When you allow someone to influence how you are feeling, this is an example of having a conditional vibration. This is when your vibration depends on external circumstances for you to be in a good mood.

What we're all striving for is unconditional vibration. When our vibration is determined by being in total alignment with our inner being, no matter what is going on around you.

Abraham says - "It's none of your business what others think of you." But that's easier said than done, especially when you are just starting out on this journey and/or have been a people pleaser for the majority of your life!

It's none of my business Abraham Hicks

Ask yourself - What would my inner being do/say?

They will maintain a high vibration and radiate with love towards everybody and every situation. Every. Time. No exceptions.

This is another reason you feel bad when you feel judged by others. There is discord between what you're thinking and what your inner being is thinking. They LOVE you and see you at your highest alignment, no matter what the external circumstances, or what others think about you.

Don't know about you, but I'd rather pay attention to what my inner being is telling me!

When someone has an issue with you, it's THEIR issue, not yours.

They see something in you that they want and it amplifies their awareness that they don't have it yet and they want to level the playing field in some way or other.

Abraham asks a very good question - which statement makes you feel better...

I want it and I think I deserve it.

I don't think they deserve it.

When someone judges you, it's their attempt to close the gap between them having what you have and not having it.

It's the same when you find yourself judging others (whether consciously or not). How great (and in alignment) do you think you'd feel if, when feeling judged, you appreciate what you've got.

Realize it's not personal. It's all about them and what they are going through. See them as your inner being sees them - with love and only see their positive aspects.

If people feel worse around you, then you are doing exactly what they are doing to you. When you see them as their highest self, they will feel good around you.

When you work on your own alignment you will attract likeminded people into your experience.

When you are surrounded by negative people, it is a manifestational indicator of what is going on in your vibration - use it as a way to improve your vibration. Focus on what you do want, not what you don't or the absence of what you want.

They are indicators of your vibration.

Shift your vibration and look at your surroundings to see whether you've shifted your vibration successfully, or not.

Control what you think and use your vibrational indicators to attract everything you've ever wanted.

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