Why You Sometimes Lose Spiritual Connection


Sometimes you lose your connection to Source, and with contrast being part of your experience, it's no wonder!

The longer you feel the connection is lost, the harder it can seem to get it back... but it's easier than you think, no matter how strong your connection.

Abraham Hicks explains why we often lose our connection and what we can do to strengthen it, to ensure we never lose it again!

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Play the video on the left 'Abraham Hicks - Why You Sometimes Lose Connection and How to Get It Back - to hear the full audio on this subject.

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From Abraham...

As a child I've been visited by non-physical entities, well they stopped visiting me when I started to speak about these entities to my mom, to my dad.

You know why. Because as you introduced into your vibration, their doubt, your frequency shifted enough that you couldn't tune in. You heard that too, didn't you?

That's the thing about talking to others, so as you're interacting with someone and they're plucking their strings, there's a tendency to then give your, without meaning to, undivided attention to the reverberation of their strings. Sometimes there's just enough reverberation going on with them that it affects your vibration if you haven't been practicing your grid.

The remedy to all of this is - practice your grid.

When you're alone - practice your grid.

Through meditation make lists of positive aspects. Get out by yourself and look at the beauty of the world, contemplate wonderful conversations that you have especially with children.

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Let the beauty be dominant in your world.

Practice it until it's dominant, and then go out where they are and test the vibrational quality of your grid, and then when someone comes by and rings an aggressive bicycle bell in your face - retreat and practice the vibration of your grid and then go out again and then go back and practice the vibrational quality of your grid.

Then go out again until you show yourself that you have the ability to tune to the core of who you are and radiate that leverage and that clarity and that wisdom and that love wherever you are.

I was tuned to the frequency of source until I told someone about it, and when I told them their vibrational response to it was significant enough and my attention to it then included it in my vibration which caused my vibration to shift enough that then I could no longer hear the subtle guitar string.

If you're not ready it doesn't matter how apparent it is - you're still not hearing it.

We want to help you to understand it isn't that they want the experience, it's that you're asking for it - not letting it in. Asking for it and not letting it in, and asking for it and not letting it in.

So, how do you let it in?

By finding the vibrational essence of it, by acknowledging what it really is we think it is.

Esther had been receiving us for a while when she explained it to her parents, and we encouraged her not to explain it to her parents because we knew that they weren't ready, and we knew that they would offer a vibration that Esther would experience that would cause discord in her vibration, but by the time Esther did that she was well established, and she said to her mother who was very fearful of what she was seen with.

She tried to exorcise Abraham from Esther's being with something that she had memorized long before, just in case, and now it was surely the time to use it.

We said to Esther's mother - we will leave your conversation happily, not because you are instructing us to leave, but because we are not wanting you to feel this distress, and Esther said to her mother following the experience - Mother I just want you to know that for sure, for sure, for sure I know that nothing that feels this good could be bad.

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Esther's own experience was established profoundly and powerfully and consistently enough that the vibration of her mother, her mother who she loved, adored, respected and had received the wisdom off for many, many years. There are few people that she knows or that she perceives to be as intelligent as her mother and her father. They were significant individuals who were powerful in their thinking and limited in their allowing of their true knowing.

So, as Esther stood back and looked at the whole thing, she understood clearly how it all fit together. She understood the perfection of her parents right where they stood, as she never again tried to get them to understand. Instead she did everything in her power to understand them. She just looked for the resonating points, and she never again offered anything that would cause any ripple in their vibration.

She just reached for the general, for the core, because she was able to hear us when we said no one wishes your well-being more than your parents, and when you are displaying well-being then they are satisfied. It's only in your displaying of discomfort, or stress, that people come in and try to help and of course no help can come under those conditions.

So, just relax in all of it and remind yourself of the goodness that you perceive in it. These are the things that helped Esther the most, knowing for sure the goodness of it.

It helped Esther immensely when she understood that we were there every time she asked, and we never overstayed our welcome. If there was anything that distracted her, that called her into something else, a phone ringing or someone being at the door or anything, she felt our easy and eager release of conversation.

She knew that there was no outside control, that it was only inside cooperation that helped her enormously, because of all of the distorted conversations about things like that there are that Hollywood has done a true injustice to helping this physical world understand the non-physical world because they are portraying things from outside the grid, and what you're talking about is inside the grid.

You see every thought that's ever been thought exists.

So, how is it that people do evil things? Where is it that things that are unwanted occur? And they are occurring all around the planet. How could anyone garner bombs and drop them on villages? How could anyone ever find justification for something like that?

It comes from outside the Vortex.

Fear-based attention to unwanted. It comes from a misunderstanding of how the Universe operates, and of the goodness that comes to you as individuals.

So, if we were standing in your physical shoes we would ask these questions on a regular basis:

First we would meditate every day. That's a wonderful thing - 15 or 20 minutes is really enough, and as you come to that place of feeling that energy beginning to move then acknowledge that you have found vibrational alignment, and that's enough.

Then move through your day making note of things that are of interest to you, to know we're going to give you a piece of something that's really, really, really significant...

Jerry said to Esther, when Esther said - I think about you all day, every day. Jerry said - how do you know it's you thinking about me, or me thinking about you?

That's what we would like all of you to understand. Many of the thoughts, even that which you believe is a question, is presented to you in your time of alignment as the grid filling in to help you move to the next place, and the next place, and the next place.

If you could accept the cooperative nature of this non-physical and physical blending, and begin to accept it as the most natural thing in the world, not as a freakish thing, as the most natural thing in the world.

Do you understand how long physically focused interest is upon you in every single moment, and how magnificently orchestrated with subtle strings playing all around is happening in order to provide for you moment by moment. Grid filling in. Rendevouz with all kinds of things that are important to you, and toward what end?

That's really the question that we want you to contemplate - toward what?

Toward this happy moment. in this happy moment, in this happy moment, and this happy moment because there is no end you see. You're not on some path where you want to hook up with some non-physical entity so that you can be led to someplace that you're not, because there's no place that you will ever go that is more significant, and more important, than where you are right now in this moment.

In this moment where the physical world and the non-physical world are blending together and you have the opportunity, the potential for a joyful moment in time where the whole of you is ringing the symphony of all of the strings of who you are, and all of the other orchestral members are joining around to play in the symphony, to have this moment in time.

Don't you just love it when you're moving through time and space, and you rendezvous with someone in a meaningful way. Sometimes it's a conversation. Sometimes it's a smile. Sometimes it's just eye to eye contact.

It's these rendevouz where the whole of you is expressing in a way that is uplifting, not because they need to be uplifted, but because when they are uplifted and you are uplifted, then we're all living like we intended to when you made the decision to come.


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