Your Quest for Passion is Key


If you've ever had moments (often long moments) of thinking, I'm not feeling it, while waiting for a woosh of passion to hit you so that you know you're heading in the right direction, yet you feeling nothing. Nada. Zip. Then you need to read/listen to this segment.

You may be nearer your Vortex than you think - and your 'I'm not feeling it' thoughts are actually pushing you further away, as you're getting pulled in.

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Play the video on the left 'Abraham Hicks - Your Quest for Passion is Key - to hear the full audio on this subject.

Listening time: 7 minutes

From Abraham...

So, what is the formula?

The formula is the quest for passion.

How do I make it happen?

You got to figure it out.

Can you make it happen exactly the same way, every time?

It's the combination of the convergence of forces, isn't it? So, is creating, finding something and putting myself in proximity to it, and going and getting it, or lassoing it and bringing it to me.

Or is creating about achieving a vibrational essence that is like a focal point and Law of Attraction causing an actualization at everything around that?

That's what you're reaching for. In other words, you hear us talking about this contrast that gives birth and gives birth and gives birth and gives birth, but what's amassing over here is a vibrational escrow that's becoming stronger and stronger and stronger, because everything that you live is causing this to become more and more and more, and source energy is giving undivided attention to that. It's getting bigger and faster and more exhilarating, and the non-physical energies of you, the source energies of you, are breathing life from it and to it.

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In other words, it becomes this point of attraction. It is a point of attraction, and Law of Attraction is the reason that this is a point of attraction. So, your vibrational escrow is a point of attraction.

The question that we keep wanting to ask all of you is, so this vibrational escrow is a point of attraction, and can you feel the Vortex of it? Can you feel the power of it? It's trying to draw you to it. It's trying to draw you to it, and when you get on the outer fringes of it, you begin to feel some inclination toward it.

When you let it capture you. When you let it suck you in, that's when your feelings of passion really begin to rise within you. Your feelings of passion aren't happening at the creative edge. The creative edge, begin again, the creative edge, the moment that creation is beginning there's usually contrast your moments of passion are your feeling of being swept into the Vortex. Do you get that? Is being swept into the Vortex, that gives you that feeling of exhilaration.

So your work, all that you could possibly do, and it really is enough, is just position yourself to be somewhere in the vicinity of this Vortex and eventually you'll get close enough to it that you'll be swept into it, but when you get too mindful about it. When you get too involved in the thoughts that you're thinking, the Vortex is over there drawing everything into its power and into its point of attraction, and often you're on the outside of it, saying I'm not feeling it. I'm not feeling it. I'm not feeling it, and the more you say I'm not feeling it, the more out of vibrational alignment you are with it.

So just turn your attention softly to your realization that this vibrational Vortex is amassing. That it is already amassed, that is gaining momentum, that Law of Attraction is responding to it, and then you just with every thought, word and deed that you offer, lean as best you can in the direction of what you think that vibrational Vortex would feel like, and it is our desire that you understand that you get the feeling of that Vortex, as it is bringing everything, it's bringing your partner's into it, it's bringing your dance partners into it, is bringing your future projects into it, is bringing your money into it, is bringing the path of least resistance into it, it's bringing the plan that you will experience as you allow yourself to follow your gut.

It is bringing all of those things into order, now all that has to happen is you have to relax and let yourself be swept into it, and as you chill and relax and let yourself be swept into it, you'll feel the passion of it. It is our promise to you, you will feel the passion of that Vortex, because you cannot be in the vicinity of that which your life has caused the source energy of you to become, without you feeling what it feels like.

That's what we meant earlier when we were talking about Esther having the benefit of experiencing the death experience with Burl Ives. She felt the releasing of resistance, that was the most passionate experience that she has ever experienced. The thrill of releasing resistance and becoming who of you have become, and it's the same thing, allowing yourself the receiving of the creativity that you've set into motion is exactly the same thing.

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Allowing your dreams to come true is better than death. Well, you have to know what we know for that to matter to you. Allowing your dreams to manifest, and the feeling of passion. Now you're gonna like this, we know you're here and we're warming up for you, we're still talking to you a little bit, that feeling of passion, hear this. Oh such a good thing to come to know, that feeling of passion is what you feel when you are approaching the vicinity of your vibrational essence Vortex, because once you get into the center of this Vortex, you experience the same calm that you experience in the eye of any hurricane.

In other words, once you get into the center of that Vortex where you know everything that is there, then it's like our friend was saying before, you're experiencing a sort of mundaneness. So often friend, you are right where you want to be, you're just not experiencing the same juices flowing because there's absence of resistance. That is part of the reason that you're defining passion, and the way that you're defining it. Do you see what we're getting at?

In other words, so we want you to find that passion, because passion is far better than being on the outside of this, but once you get into that stream of passion and you begin to hold yourself there longer, you cannot hold yourself there because you're gonna move right into knowing, and can you feel the difference between the emotion that you would call hope and the emotion that you would call belief?

Can you feel the difference between the emotion that you would call belief and the emotion that you would call passion?

Can you feel the difference between the emotion you would call passion and the emotion you would call knowing?

Esther said when they got their first monster bus, their beautiful rock star prego monster bus. Esther thought she would die in anticipation of it and it was beautiful, and they loved every moment of it, and then they ordered another one and Esther never felt anything close to that feeling of excitement the second time because she went right into the center of that Vortex, and just knew the well-being of it.

Can you feel the difference?

Can you hear that that's what we're getting at?

That was good.


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